floatingboxGala show IBM British Ring Convention,  Pavillion Theatre, Bournemouth 2014
Saturday 27th September 2014

The closing act was Daniel Dean and co, a very well-paced illusion act with some patter incorporated into it. Daniel performed many quick fire illusions with his three gorgeous assistants, extremely well choreographed and costumed.

Amongst the illusions were “girl from cage of fire” “Things that go bump in the night” it culminated in probably the best dramatic presentation of the fan levitation that I have seen, it was stunning, with fantastic music, it was indeed the perfect finish to a well produced, professional, slick show, that didn’t go on and on like some gala shows i have seen! I think everyone enjoyed it, I know that I certainly did!

Mike Danata, October 2014

54th Bristol Day of Magic

bump in the nightAs good as it all was, the star of the show was undoubtedly Daniel Dean with Destination Dance. It was slick, beautifully costumed, entertaining with some great illusions involving dance movement. The girls vanished and appeared in quick succession, were sliced and floated. There was the substitution trunk, the cube and the comedy cups and balls routine using the girls head appearing under the cups. This time though the effect was different for at the end in that when the curtain surrounding the box was pulled away the girls had vanished. In a front of curtain effect Daniel gave us a three ring linking routine. It was a great finish to the show, and Daniel can take his place among the very best in illusionists.

Panto Review 2014 – 2015 Billingham Forum Theatre
(Local What’s on Magazine, Billingham)

genieThe pure stroke of genius was to cast the well-respected illusionist, Daniel Dean, as the genie of the lamp. This proved to be an excellent counterpoint to the comedy and skulduggery and added an element of pure variety to the show.



A gTMClogo185x185ood magic show should close with a spectacular act and there is nothing more spectacular than Daniel Dean
and company, illusion winner at the ‘Blackpool Magic Championships’
He brought a first-class magic show to a very warmly applauded conclusion which underlined the quality of magic to be seen at this annual bonanza staged by The Worlds Premier Magic Society.
John Derris. (The Magic Circle)

SNL9578Being well presented and slickcan only be good attributes for A Magic/illusionact – and Daniel Dean can boast all of those.
It was no real surprise that his short, tight set wowed the audience.
He also achieved that age-old showbiz maxim of ‘leave them wanting more’.
In short, it was the ideal showcase set to help attract more bookings.
Derek Smith (The Stage)


rings mmmDaniel Dean was funny, lovable and an excellent master of illusion.

Marion Mawbey (The Observer)


Supplying the essential comic element of the evening is Daniel Dean, an illusionist with a host of laughter inducing jokes that he delivers with panache, along with some jaw-dropping and convincing magic, proving himself to be a likable stage character.
Marion Cox (Dorset Echo)

575373_10152061004880692_56044705_nDaniel Dean executes his magical skills to a level worthy of a Las Vegas Headliner.
Peter Foot (Encore Magazine)

Bringing us towards a welcome interval was illusionist Daniel Dean, who surely must be a market leade
r in his chosen field.
Dean designs illusions and is well-known for his innovative approach to the art. On fine form, Dean just pops up occasionally on the showcase scene to delight bookers and audiences alike.
Mark Richie (The Stage)